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Recovery Password Juniper March 16, 2011

Posted by mblendes in Uncategorized.

Router M7i lab user name dan passwordnya lupa, temen2 yang make pun lupa…wah2..harus nyari recovery password…

Setelah di search di google keteu link : http://juniper.cluepon.net/index.php/Password_recovery

Dan ketika dicoba…cukup mak nyus..

Isinya antara lain :

From Juniper Clue

1. From console, interrupt the boot routine:   Hit [Enter] to boot immediately, or any other key for command prompt.
        Booting [kernel] in 9 seconds...

< Press the space bar at this point >

2. Enter into single-user mode:

        Type '?' for a list of commands, 'help' for more detailed help.
        ok boot -s

3. Enter the shell:
4. For new JunOS releases, the system will prompt:

        "Enter full pathname of shell or 'recovery' for root password recovery or RETURN for /bin/sh: "

If you enter "recovery" at this point, it will do the next two steps for you, and leave you in the JunOS CLI, from where you can edit the root password.
5. Mount the virtual file systems (for JUNOS 5.4 and above, it is not necessary to mount the jbase (or jcrypto) package, however the other packages still need to be mounted):

        NOTE: to go to multi-user operation, exit the single-user shell

(with ^D)

        # cd /packages
        # ./mount.jbase
        Mounted jbase package on /dev/vn1...
        # ./mount.jkernel
        Mounted jkernel package on /dev/vn2...
        # ./mount.jroute
        Mounted jroute package on /dev/vn3...

6. Enter recovery mode:

        # /usr/libexec/ui/recovery-mode

7. Enter configuration mode and either delete or change the rootauthentication password:

root> configure

        Entering configuration mode


        root# delete system root-authentication

8. Commit the changes, and exit configuration mode

        root # commit
        commit complete


        root@router# exit
        Exiting configuration mode

root@router> exit

Kebetulan nggak sampe bener2 recover...karena aku coba create user di systm user login...ketika step 5.
Dan akhirnya........MAK NYUSS...BISA LOGIN LAGI



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