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Last Phone Call September 13, 2006

Posted by mblendes in Uncategorized.

Today, i feel something weird…
I called you last time, just say hello and i don’tknow what will we are talking about..
Me : Good afternoon, hay are you busy right know?
Somebody : Hi, yeah…something like that. 2 day ago i always go home early, so today i must finish my job. Are you still at office?
Me : Yeah, same with you. Little problem happen with new customer. Maybe i’ll call you back after you finish your job. Have a nice day and see you.
Somebody : Oke, see you too…I’m sorry…..



1. adywamovics - September 14, 2006

:)) sak akene rek… mangkane ta lek tilpun subuh2 aeee..

2. Smile - September 18, 2006

Lho…..”I MISS U” ne kok ilang :op
Perasaan kemarin ada deh….

3. mblendes - September 18, 2006

Masa sih..jangan pake perasaan dech…:p

4. kinkin - September 18, 2006

Iya nih, kayaknya kemaren pas baca ada miss-miss gitu deh ;))
missunderstanding 😀

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